Community Calendar

I’ve recently added a Ballard Community Calendar to my website. I created this calendar out of frustration with missing many events in Ballard that I was just not well publicized. I would really like to have all the interesting Ballard events in one place. Hence, I decided to build the calendar! It can be found here:

Would you be interested in adding to and/or updating this calendar? Email me and I’ll set you up with a login and password so that you can update the calendar. Or, if you prefer, just email me the event and I’ll post it on the calendar!

Where did I get the events that are currently listed?

I populatd the calendar with events that I culled from the websites listed below. Are you aware of another website that I should check periodically to see if it has been updated? Leave a comment and I’ll check that site as well!

Slightly more technical
I chose to use WebCalendar for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons include:

  • The calendar database is compatible with the database I’m running for this blog (as a matter of fact, they are actually running off the same database!
  • It is open source software.
  • It appears to be getting frequent updates and has a development community that appears to be quite active. in practical terms this means I can go to forums like this one on SourceForge and get my questions answered
  • It has the ability to separate events out by categories and users. This is nice if we ever decide to have mulitple types of users, then users can easily filter to the events that interest us most!

If you have any interest and/or ideas about how to add to the Ballard Community Calendar, then please leave comments or contact me.

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