New Ballard Library Update

New Ballard Library The Seattle Weekly had an interesting article on the new Ballard Library. I had heard that the building was environmentally friendly, but I hadn’t realized the extent! It makes one proud to live in Ballard and read that we now have a building that is probably the most environmentally friently in Seattle!
Also from the article:

The grand opening of the Ballard Branch Library and Neighborhood Service Center will be held at noon Sat., May 14, at the library, 5614 22nd Ave. N.W. Events will include architect presentations, artists, community performers, and children’s craft projects.

It should be a fun day! I highly recommend adding it to your calendar! (I know I have!)

4 thoughts on “New Ballard Library Update

  1. The opening was a huge success. The library has custom furniture which I would love to have in my own house, a periscope hidden subtley in the wall, and tons of other interesting things to explore and discover. I want to move in.

  2. It was a wonderful day out there! Between the new library, Saturday’s ArtWalk and today’s Norwegian Constitution Day Parade, it’s been quite a week in Ballard!

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