I guarantee you’re going to get this mortgage, I think.

donna's homeWhy does the mortgage business seem so insane and unreliable?

Well, there are a couple of reasons. One reason is there are a tremendous number of loan officers who have no experience but who are pretending they do. As loan officers, our job is to make your loan work. When we look at a loan application, we examine all possible reasons we can find that could be a problem. These are things like properties under construction, borrowers who are out of work, too much debt, not enough income, complex income situations, low credit scores, title problems, and much more. Loan officers with lots of experience have seen so many different situations with such complex problems they know how to evaluate a new loan and spot potential problems. Where we run into trouble is with the underwriters. These folks work for the lenders and they review all of the information sent to them from the loan officer. They have guidelines and matrices which tell them what’s acceptable and what’s not. Underwriters will ask, or what we call “condition

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