Home buying tips

When I begin with a new client, I often work out a “road map” so that we can clarify a list of priorities. Along those lines, it is often important to layout a time-frame. I’ve worked with buyers who want to move into a new home in weeks and buyers who are planning ahead for months… Being realistic about when you can move into a place helps insure that everyone’s expectations are met! Also, keep in mind that it may take 30-90 days (or more) to locate the right home, secure financing, and complete the home-buying process.

Are you interested in more information? I’ve put together a Home Buying Packet (*.pdf) that lists a bunch of good information about the home buying process with sections on:

  • The Home-Buying Process
  • Home Search Criteria
  • Loan Application Checklist
  • Making an Offer
  • Contract Checklist
  • Home Inspection
  • Glossary of Real Estate Terms
  • and many more!

In filling out the form in the Home Search Criteria section it is important to distinguish between the “Need to Have

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