Real Estate Search Options (with an Emphasis on Feeds)

View from a Houseboat in SeattleAs promissed a few weeks ago, I’ve been updating my list of real estate search technologies on a regular basis.

Thanks to your emails (along with a little curiosity on my part) , I’ve been able to add more sites in the list in the past few days. If you know of any other sites, definitely let me know!

One of the more interesting options I’ve seen is CityCrybs. I really like that they’re offering RSS feeds (a topic worthy of another post!), but seeing as how all of their listings are for the East Coast, I can’t really play around with the site much and understand if the results are any good. Can anyone from the East Coast share their opinion on this site?

Along these lines, would anyone in the Seattle area be interested in an RSS feed of homes as they get listed in the MLS? It really wouldn’t be very hard to put together, but I’m not sure who it would appeal to. In other words, for most people, getting a listing of every home that comes on the market would be overkill (even for a small geographic area) unless you just wanted to use the list to “keep up” on your neighborhood. But are there some specialized feeds that would appeal to people? The first example that comes to my mind would be for an investor who would be interested in finding about each home that has a low $/s.f. ratio? Maybe a feed of homes that have been on the market for over 60 days? Hmm… How about each houseboat that comes on the market?

Do you have another idea for a real estate listing feed? I’m definitely interested in hearing about it!

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