Propsmart does some stuff right!

I really like some of the tools that Propsmart has just released!

They’ve added all the features that one would expect from a web2.0 real estate site (map-based searching and RSS feeds). Some of the great features I’ve found so far include:

  • Nationwide residential, commercial, land and apartments
  • Map-based searching over Google Maps
  • RSS feeds for each search
  • Exports to Google Earth
  • Comments on listings
  • Forums for general discussions

Overall, it is an impressive set of features and includes a fun, easy-to-use interface.

Propsmart Screenshot

The problem?
There were also some minor software bugs (like when I tried to export one of my searches to Google Earth, I ended up with a different set of listings), but I’m sure those will be worked out in the near future.

Their big problem is that they don’t have MLS data. I know this is by design (and even a central part of their manifesto), but without a more comprehensive database of information, I just can’t see this site getting much traction.

Let there be no doubt that they could get a small slice of a very big pie, but like Trulia, I just wouldn’t recommend people to the site unless they can get “all” the listings!

4 thoughts on “Propsmart does some stuff right!

  1. Thanks for the review, Dustin. Our release has been very quiet so far, because we do have many more features on the way – we’ve been working on it for only 4 months. Think of it as “proof of concept” as it is, and stay tuned. 🙂

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