Swiss Real Estate Map Search Tool

I really like some of the search options available on Immobilien-Suche, a Swiss mapping site.

Granted, I speak no Swiss whatsoever, (Now we need a universal translator!), but this site is quite easy to figure out.

Swiss Real Estate Search

So here are some of the things I really like:

  • Sliders
  • Sliders for Price, Rooms, and Size
  • Sliders with Statistics for Price, Rooms, and Size

Sliders, sliders, sliders! They are so easy to use! I wish more real estate search sites had them!

Ajaxian and Gregor Rothfuss have some more highlights of the search tool including:

  • tighter integration between list view and map (just mousing over a list item to show it’s location)
  • histograms for the search terms to give you a quick idea what the spread in prices is, for instance
  • shows matches in context (public transport, shopping etc)
  • leverages the superior map quality from endoxon
  • allows you to take notes for each object
  • shows you new matches for your search since your last visit

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