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Search Engine Watch has a real estate search tool write up. It’s mostly links, but some of them haven’t been mentioned here. I like to think that our write ups are a little more coherent.

Not mentioned is the much improved (aesthetically) Redfin (even in the last week or two – take a look!) and the still nascent ShackPrices.


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  1. I agree that as far as finding an agent goes, it’s still confusing. As for using the site, there is now less clutter and the ads on the right at least make sense. Finding an agent is now even more opaque (before you could browse). They have a sort of clever set up – you click to see the house and they refer you to the listing agent, who then does all the work for you. If you decide to buy, redfin will sell it to you for a steeply discounted commission and absolutely no skin off of their back. While they place the individual agents lower in priority, at lest they will not let you grab a buyer agent to see a house, then buy that same house with a discount commission. To get a deal, you would have to go to another discount site.

  2. How can they refer you you to the listing/seller’s agent with no skin off your back? That’s an oxymoron. No skin off whose back? The seller’s? I’m confused. But then I don’t use public sites very often.

    I’ve been to Redfin to see the way you fly over houses ๐Ÿ™‚ but that was a long time ago. I peeked in there recently, but could use a “guided tour” from someone who has layman-colored glasses on.


  3. Hey Galen, someday when we meet nose to nose and toes to toes, you are going to have to show me how people use these sites, and I’ll show you how I “do data” in the mls. Maybe if you see how “we” use ours, you can help design a public tool that is equally as meaningful and efficient.

    I have tried many times and get so frustrated that I go back to the mls in a heartbeat. I’m missing something, I’m sure. I just want to type in the neighborhood or town without flying around like a bird. Or draw a square around the area on a map and hit submit and get it all, solds, actives, expireds, sale fails, STI and pending.

    I couldn’t find my own house on ShackPrices, though I’m sure I found it a week or so ago.

    I’m a blogging, pinging grandma, so I don’t think it is simply that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Gotta be something I don’t see about how fab these are that you have to be 30 or younger to “get”. Cool technology, but I can’t get much meaningful data out of them realtive to what I am used to.

    Let’s all meet soon at my place where we can use the computer.

  4. Ardell,

    You hit upon an idea I’ve been planning to blog about for a few weeks. I’d like to set up a meeting real soon and welcome anyone in Seattle who is interested in learning about real estate technology.

    I’m definitely going to post about it, but before I do, is there a day/time that works best for people reading this thread? My preference would be next Wednesday or Thursday evening…

  5. Feel free to use my office or house if you need the space. Either would fit lots of people. I use the house more, as parking is easier 8 blocks back on 10th Ave vs. Central. I expect Seattle would be better for many, than Kirkland, but I don’t have any suggestions as to place to meet there, except where we can see that new baby of yours ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I think you’ll have an easier time finding your place in the coming 2 weeks when we introduce address search.

    In terms of current sites, you hit the nail on the head: most map-based search sites are more flash than they are substance. You have to start somewhere, though. Here’s my post on how you can use ShackPrices now: Consumers are totally in the dark right now and in our increasingly do-it-yourself culture, they want to do a lot of that heavy lifting on their own.

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