Romancing the (City) Home

In September, my wife and I bought a condo/townhouse across the street from the Pike Place Market. There’s lots to love — the beautifully landscaped interior courtyard (it’s in Market Place North), the great neighbors, the not-so-grueling commute (a 7 minute walk). However, best of all is living by the Market. Last night on Rick Steves’s travel show, he featured Paris in the springtime. Accompanied by a Parisian guide, he walked around the Rue Clare neighborhood to the many food merchants (the butcher, the fromagier, etc. etc. etc.). The Parisian talked at length about the superiority of such merchants in comparison to a supermarket. “Hey!” we said, “it’s just like our house!” Now if only my cooking skills approached the food resources at my doorstep…

We love you, Home! Happy Valentine’s Day! xxoo
Tiff and Craig

Fruit at Pike Place Market

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