Closing Today

There are a thousand stories in the Naked City….this is just one of them.

I was working on my computer one day when I saw some emails coming from

I stopped what I was doing and opened the emails. The emails were from clients of mine whose son purchased a condo from me several months ago. The emails had no messages, just property. Vacant lots out on the coast in Washington that were really cheap $25,000 to $90,000.

I called the clients and arranged for an agent on the coast to take them out to look at those lots and others. They returned here having found a fabulous lot that backed to a canal, one house from the ocean, with an easement access to the ocean directly across the street. It already had septic, water and electric hooked up.

The owners were a couple who owned it for many years and enjoyed it and needed to sell it because the wife was dying of cancer. To make a long story short, the woman left her hospital bed and her husband drove her two hours and the listing agent drove two hours and they met at midnight under the bridge to sign the offer. The woman felt a huge weight lifitng knowing that her husband would have this money toward her hospital bills. She died before it closed with that peace of mind.

It is closing today and I received this message from the listing agent “Mr (XXX) says he hopes they find as much happiness there as he and his wife had throughout the years…”


This area was never on the mls, and so not on the internet, until they joined NWMLS this summer. Had the area not joined the mls, my clients would never have seen the lots on and emailed me. A chain of events started and ends today when it closes.

We are in a business of people. Buyer people and Seller people. We do not sell property, we help people buy and sell property. The people are important. Let’s not forget that.

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