This is not your father’s woodshed

[photopress:hmphoto3.jpg,thumb,alignright]I’m not talking about the steel side or rubber maid monstrosity of ugliness you pick up at Home Depot. Nope, these are modern architecture with designer finishes. I’ve been thinking about writing this article ever since I saw the well designed sheds by Coast Cabins at the home show a year ago. A recent article in Business Week on the same topic spurred me to get around to it. I’ve often thought of adding more space to my existing home (especially since my son came along – he’s 5 months now) but not really in the budget range yet for the massive remodel I’d like to do. So I thought about putting up one of these sheds as an office and/or guest space. No waiting weeks for contractors, off-track budgets and even better – no permits.

  • These still fall under local ordinances or CC&Rs for outbuildings, so you need to check your neighborhood rules.
  • In King County you can do up to 200 square feet without a permit
  • I live in the City of Bellevue where it is up to 120 square feet without a permit

[photopress:shed_10_12_image01.gif,thumb,alignleft]If you want to go a little more contemporary, there’s a great system designed by architect Michael Graves for Target (yes, that Target — with the bull’s-eye). Or if you like modern ala The Dwell home, check out,

To some people this might seem a bit trashy, but as the Business Week article said “just think of it as a backyard room“. Me — I’m thinking of heading to the woodshed. 🙂

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