The Five-Minute-a-Day Habit

[photopress:brazilsoccerhead_small.jpg,thumb,alignright]It’s been a while since we did a plug for David’s AHI blog. His blog is insightful, fun and for the price of only a few minutes a day, you can learn a lot! I don’t know how he does it, but he manages to write a quality article every day and they are almost always at the high level of today’s article on the relationsip between the World Cup, the world’s future, and affordable housing.

(You can learn more about David from this RCG interview!)

2 thoughts on “The Five-Minute-a-Day Habit

  1. Amazing site. I added it to my favorites. Thanks for pointing it out, Dustin.

    As to the reference there from Lucky Luciano to Meadow Soprano, I read the book “Gangster” while on vacation. It gives a valid analysis of why “newest immigrant” to a country often equals “illegal activity of some kind” as a “wealth option” as pointed out on David’s blog. The book shows how “Papa” took the work the docks for next to nothing and physical and mental abuse option, while the son took the Mafia option. Good reading and exceptionally on target, IMNSHIO.

    The book also points out that MAFIA stands for “Kill the French in Italy”, a widely accepted loose translation.

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