New Book – Must Read!

Editor’s Note: I’m excited to introduce Seattle Eric as a new contributor on RCG. It must be six months ago that I first approached Eric to see if he would be interesting in coming on as a contributor because I really liked the writing style he demonstrated on his blog about life as a Seattle real estate investor. Now that he’s bitten the bullet and switched to a career as a real estate agent, I’m even more excited to have him on board!

For my first post on the RCG, I’d like to promote my new book, which so happens to also be a topic of much interest recently. All proceeds will benefit…


(available while supplies last….shipping and handling extra…)

2 thoughts on “New Book – Must Read!

  1. Welcome Eric! I visited your blog the other day…excellent reading and I loved seeing the perspective of an investor turned agent. I am a “banker” turned agent. Just like home inspector’s, what one “used to be in a former life” adds the spice!

    A welcome addition and I am available for spelling and grammar edits :-)…for the first 30 days upon request 🙂

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