Homeowner a Guerrilla Marketing machine

After coming home this past weekend from a family trip to Lake Chelan and Ephrata in eastern Washington, I couldn’t help but notice (including thousands of others driving westbound into Seattle on I-90), the “For Sale” sign draped over a home that was located just over the westbound I-90 tunnel as you approach Seattle’s downtown. You can’t miss it.

The home also made the news in today’s business section of the Seattle PI. I wonder if the homeowner knew they would get the attention of the local papers and blogs. Talk about leveraging the location of your home when you have to sell your home! Guerrilla Marketing at it’s best.

4 thoughts on “Homeowner a Guerrilla Marketing machine

  1. Great photo Tim. But “Guerilla Marketing” would suggest thoughtful consideration to marketing your “best” qualities to the “right” buyers.

    If you were selling a business, this would be great, as in “People can See Your BUSINESS from the Freeway!” But if you are selling a personal residence…do you really want to point out its proximity to the Freeway noise? Bad advertising, I’d say. Since when did “you can see it from the freeway”, become a reason to buy a house?

  2. Couldn’t agree more. And the article was not terribly flattering to a seller–suggesting perhaps the seller is rather desparate for a sale and tying them in with the article’s tone of a tougher market. It looks like the deck trellis and railing is not finished via the photo.

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