Flowers from a "fan"

[photopress:flowers.jpg,thumb,alignright]I received these flowers today with this note: “Thanks So Much For All Your Help. Despite Your Protests and Warnings I Went Ahead & Formed A New Santa Cruz Chapter Of The Ardell Fan Club. (& I’m President) :-)”

Since we never know what the flowers look like that we send by phone, I thought I’d post them here with my thank you, so he can see what was sent. They will get better every day as the gladiola open.

Anna’s probably thinking the same thing I did when they arrived. Hey, I can bring them to the Open House on Sunday because they match the rug in Anna’s basement LOL

To the President of my Santa Cruz chapter…that’s ARDELL (bold and all caps) I know you are an “engineer” type who has sworn off ALL CAPS…but I must insist 😉 Branding, as Dustin says.

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10 thoughts on “Flowers from a "fan"

  1. ARDELL™

    Glad that they arrived ok and that you like them. You certainly deserve them.

    Thanks for the heads up on the proper branding. We tore down the Ardell for President banner over the clubhouse door and ordered a new one w/ the proper punctuation. And the old letterheads went in the dumpster too. But the item that will set us back the most was the 500 teddy bears that just arrived. They were the most darling russet color with a soft pumpkin colored tee shirt that read: Ardell saved me $70k on my last den AND tucked me in every night. Sigh. Perhaps we could just order new tees…

    But not to worry. We’ll continue to spread the Good Word. It’s the least we can do.

    kosmo (w/ a sm “k” – as in kalifornia)
    (self-appointed President-For-Life)
    Santa Cruz Chapter of the ARDELL™ Fan Club

  2. Looks pretty good there, Kosmo. But what’s with the ? in the last line. Jeez-Louise! I thought you were going to give the “engineers” a “what not to do” list.

  3. ARDELL (TM)

    you grumbled:
    “But what’s with the ? in the last line.”

    When I typed your brand into this cute little composition box it was a (TM) symbol to let the world know that the ARDELL brand is already taken (and how!). But the Preview pane mangled it so I re-edited it. Alas the Edit window also mangled it so that it (evidently) shows up as a “?” in your browser and as a little square in mine.

    And as long as we’re grumbling about Websites that don’t work I would like to mention in passing to the Mgmt that the RCG GUI is horribly broken in my browser (Opera 7.52) and those of us who still have dial-up (and due to location *can’t* get DSL) are not thrilled that RCG takes 5 to 8 minutes to load. I remember the thrilling days of Web 1.0 very well but can’t help but notice that most websites are *still* poorly designed & implemented as we fixate on the Final Solution of Web 2.0. didn’t invent “good enough”. In a culture who’s only real measure of success is Money “good enough” is a fundamental requirement. In fact it’s a No Brainer.

    And then:
    “I thought you were going to give the engineers a What Not To Do list.”

    Since we last spoke on the Batphone things have gotten more complicated here and it appears that I have more 1st person research to do in order to compile a *really* authoritative list of “The 100 Worst Mistakes FSBO Sellers Always Make”. But I am keeping notes as I grope towards the Light At The End Of The Tunnel.

    (self-appointed President-For-Life)
    Santa Cruz Chapter of the ARDELL(TM) Fan Club

  4. Kosmo… extremely relevant observations…

    I’ve noticed that RCG takes a while to load as well and I’m not pleased with it. (It can take a while on broadband so I doubt that dial-up is the real problem).

    I imagine that my problem is my hosting environment. I’m on a shared virtual host and that can’t be good, but it is relatively cheap. I’m still only using 4% of my available monthly bandwidth, so I’ve been hesitant to upgrade, especially since the next tier is almost an order of magnitude more expensive.

    The only solution I’ve implemented to speed things up is to rework the theme so that the posts load before the contributors, comments, buttons, etc. My hope is that even when everything else is loading in the background, at least you can get right to reading the content.

  5. Kosmo,

    For the most part, I think a lot of readers are buyers. I’m hoping that some of your insights might not only help other FSBO sellers, but also help buyers know how better to approach a FSBO seller on Craigslist, etc..

    No hurry. I know you have your hands full…of teddy bears and stuff.

    As to RCG…hey, I’m just a girl in the world…who knows a few things about real estate. Techie stuff is waaaaay out of my league. Unless you put me in a room with other people who know real estate…and then I’m the Techie in the Room LOL

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