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I saw myself in a “puzzle” of faces here and there around the internet. Apparently you can add your blog, but I didn’t put mine there, so someone must have “entered me”.

Not sure where it originated. I’m still tracking it back.

It is an amazing display of blogs! and the photos are interactive so you just click on a face and you get to that person’s blog. Very cool.

If I can find the original source I’ll come back and edit this post. I recognize a few of the faces. It doesn’t look like 2000, but I guess it grows and grows until it reaches 2,000.

If anyone has any info on where this came from, and how my face got there :), please let us know.

http://www.trade-pals.com/2000-bloggers.asp this is the name on the link. I’ll go see what “trade-pals” is. Looks like it could be something like MyBlogLog.

Looks like it is Tino Buntic, just a whacky dude 🙂

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24 thoughts on “2000 Bloggers

  1. How odd.. There are lots of real estate bloggers on there and it looks like he is just taking the photos from MyBlogLog, so anyone active over there might be included as well!

  2. From the little I’ve read, I think he first selected his choices without the bloggers knowledge, and apparently liked people who are opinionated…so I made his intitial cut.

    He won’t use anyone who has no photo…for obvious reasons. Once he made his selections he opened it up to people requesting to be submitted…but no photo not an option.

    He probably got the idea from visiting blogs and seeing the string of photos from MyBlogLog in the sidebar and started there…but new submissions are from anyone.

  3. They wrote software to pull the pictures of bloggers off of their own blogs and then linked to the blog they pulled the picture off of. Sort of how spammers pull email addresses off of web sites automatically.

  4. I’m amazed at the traffic I’ve received, too. BTW, Ardell, my head (or should I say hair) shot is looking very average…plenty of close ups and crops. It’s an interesting project.

  5. Hay RP!

    I am creating an @list, a scaled down version of the 2000, Tell two friends, and Vote!

    Wednesday, January 24, 2007
    2000 Bloggers-Idol meets Survivor with Apprentice: Vote some off the island!

    The @List Blogroll(It’s like a Z list, only different)

    Tino Buntic’s future is already here: It’s just not evenly distributed yet— Hotel @nyware’s Blogrolling Trend 2007 He selects, We elect. Get in touch with your inner Simon!

    Think American Idol meets Survivor with The Apprentice. Who gets voted off the island? Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down? Hired or fired? Do you Digg it? Use reality tv groundrules, and VOTE!

    Hotel @nyware is paying the 2000 bloggers off in social currency. This is an open source call out there to vet out the 2000 to Hotel @nyware’s new Z list of 150.

    Mass Collaboration Required. Rock the vote.

    Leave a comment here. Include your Starting Lineup from the 2000 blogs for Hotel @nyware’s blogroll.

    I’ll do the math and will post you(rs) to theBlogroll and start the epidemic! … and we all can leave them in hotel@nyware’s rooms Gideon style, pass them out at airports wireless hotspots and stuff like that.

  6. Ilker,

    Type Fast or DIE!! Just went into MY favorites! Thank you! I’ve only liked a couple of game sin my life: Ms. Pacman, Tetris and now…Type Fast or Die! I LOVE it!

  7. I didn’t find it. That link took me to the full article and I couldn’t find the collage in the links nor on the article itself. I need more direction.

    Speaking of more direction, anyone who is playing “Type Fast or Die!”, here’s a clue. The red cross unit restores you back to 100 points, so don’t detonate and blow up everyone, including your red cross unit, until you restore yourself first 🙂

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