The 2006 101 Blog Post Challenge Match

[photopress:boxer.jpg,full,alignright]Gentlemen, Place Your Bets!

Responding to the Sellsius Challenge, at 12:01 a.m Tuesday 9/26/2006, Greg Swann and I will commence the Cool Hand Luke Style test of completeing 101 Blog Posts in a 24 hour period. Kevin over at In the Trenches is monitoring the betting odds via bets placed via Inkling.

The Challenge Match emanated from Sellsius’ attempt to post 100 Blog Posts in one day, with two writers. Their efforts produced 50 great Blog Posts, and the resultant challenge taken up by Greg and I, will be followed closely by Sellsius and The Property Monger who added fuel to the fire by dubbing the match A Battle of the SEXES

Greg seems undaunted by the task at hand, claiming There is NO WAY he won’t finish. I, on the other hand am wondering if I’ve bit off more than I can chew.

CJ over at NELA and a host of other specators are awaiting the stroke of midnight, for the Blogathon to begin. So grab your popcorn or place your bets or tune in tomorrow morning to see which of us fell asleep! 101 in one day…what the heck were we thinking!?

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36 thoughts on “The 2006 101 Blog Post Challenge Match

  1. She can’t, Eric. If I were to get the urge to write, I cannot create a new post at BloodhoundBlog, because if (you or) I post a new entry, it will break up the competitors’ numbered threads. Greg’s safe from me, but Rain City has too many of you for you all to sit on the sidelines for 24 hours.

  2. Eric,

    The 101 posts will remain on the blog after the match, so clogging up RCG with 101 in a row, didn’t seem appropriate. Plus some skeptics might think some of you helped me get to the 101, if I posted from here. Also, if I don’t succeed, I will go Down in Flame to the Hall of Shame all by my lonesome 🙁

  3. I’d like to make the suggestion that you’all use either the tag or the category “101-blog-challenge”, so that the rest of us can follow along and see if anyone else gets involved!

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  5. Thanks everyone for your support. I doubt I’ll have time to blog here tomorrow 🙂 or keep up with what’s happening over at Bloodhound Blog. So this may be the last you will hear from me before the Deed is Done! It’s a good time to start talking beind my back 🙂

  6. And there off… I’m going to bed with Ardell at 3 posts to Greg’s 5 after an hour and a half. They will both need to pick up the pace if they plan to get to 101!

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