What do they put in his coffee?

Waking up this morning, I was pretty impressed to find that Ardell is already at 22 posts in the 101 Challenge… At that rate, she’ll make about 60 posts today if she doesn’t slow down!

And then I noticed Greg is at 50. Wow! Someone needs to spike his coffee with some sleeping pills! 🙂

Ardell: If I may… it is time to pump up the quantity and not worry about quality! You’re at the perfect stage to write about 50 filler posts: simple, short, one link-type posts. And then end the day, finish up with some high quality Ardell classics! 🙂

16 thoughts on “What do they put in his coffee?

  1. I’m being a die hard about photos. Greg is all talk 🙂 and no photos. On Rain City Guide, the system thumbnails the for me, but on my blog I have to photo edit every one to resize them! Dragging me down, but I still like the photos…

  2. Ardell, only 50 more to go! You could even go back and re-comment on old topics in RGC! Dustin, give her a helpful push!

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  4. While I had to root for my hometown boy Greg, I said it on my blog an I mean it.

    WE, the readers are the real winners in this thing. Ardell and Greg did a fantastic job. I wouldn’t (and couldn’t) do it. Not too many could. These guys are da bomb!

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