What real estate sites do you use?

John Cook is on vacation and while he is gone asked, ‘What Real Estate Sites Do You Use?‘. It’s kind of a loaded question because he implies that transactions are going to be on the internet in the future, and he’s looking to find out which website is leading the way…

Reading through the comments, the discussion revolves around Redfin, although I’m sure RCG readers could skew the discussion in a different direction.

4 thoughts on “What real estate sites do you use?

  1. Homepages.com
    I find it to be very informative. It allows me to find community information on any neighborhood like nearby parks, banks, churches, police stations, shopping, restaurants, post offices etc….

  2. Wellcomemat.com

    An excellent resource (for me at least) for selling/renting property. I upload my properties listings (including info, video, photos, and documents). I even have my own exclusive web page to market with. Sort of a Craig’s List meets MySpace approach.

  3. Jeff-

    Homepages is a great unknown tool. I remember it was launched about the same time zillow showed themselves to the world and since then has kind of been over looked.

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