Light Fixers – Before and After

As a follow up to Ardell’s post about finding those homes where the owners just didn’t take the time, or have the money/energy to bring the home to retail condition, I’d like to share a few before and after photos. These two sets of photo are from light fixers my wife and I rehabbed last year (our first two, actually). We put about $15K total into each property, and each sold within a week of listing.


This first set of photos shows the before and after condition of the kitchen in a small rambler up in northeast Marysville. We used the existing cabinets, adding new pulls and hinges for a simple update. New paint, vinyl flooring, appliances and fixtures rounded out the upgrade.

This second set of photos shows how a little paint (and some nice staging) can go a long ways. This home is in Shoreline.



If we had chosen to do the work ourselves, we could have cut down total rehab costs to close to $10K. Now, on the other hand, as a preview for a future post on major rehabs, here’s a final before and after (total costs for this job in the $120K range). This one is on the market right now, but in the spirit of neutrality, I’m going to hold off on discussing this in detail until after it’s sold.



8 thoughts on “Light Fixers – Before and After

  1. Good job!

    It is amazing how just a few good updates really make a positive change in the look and appeal of a home. And the paint and the updated light fixtures makes a world of difference!

    I’ll be looking for the details on the major rehab…

  2. It’s great that you are documenting it, most sellers just can’t see why it makes such a difference to do some things to their house. That’s why HGTV’s Designed To Sell is a great resource for sellers to see the difference! Great job, and thanks for sharing!

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