Social Networking at its finest

I wanted to try something a bit different. As we are all inundated with the new hot topic ‘Social Networking’ I thought I would show those of you who haven’t yet seen Fanpop, a great new network of “social portals”.

Fanpop calls these ‘spots’ and they are all created by their users. I love this idea because you get fanatic fans to rate their favorite videos, articles, sites, blogs, topics, etc.

Naturally, the current problem with the social sites is content. CONTENT IS KING and content takes time. In time, I assume if fanpop catches on, you will be able to search on ‘Seattle Mortgage’ and find happy customers who have recommended their favorite mortgage broker.

Take a look, it is pretty cool

10 thoughts on “Social Networking at its finest

  1. looks like they need to address the issue of their site not actually being up first…

    It would be great to have a site that wasn’t dedicated to dating or the under 25 crowd…

  2. I love social networking- thanks for the post. But, I think an often overlooked aspect of SN is that you can submit your own blog posts to them to spark search engine crawls therefore generating better indexing and eventually increased web traffic. Social networking is a great and underused tool for Realtors to freely market their websites to consumers and search engines. (Some blogs are on the cutting edge and auto submits your posts. If you’re not using one of those blogs you can always use a free ping service like which submits to 20 or so social networks)

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