Social Networking at its finest

I wanted to try something a bit different. As we are all inundated with the new hot topic ‘Social Networking’ I thought I would show those of you who haven’t yet seen Fanpop, a great new network of “social portals”.

Fanpop calls these ‘spots’ and they are all created by their users. I love this idea because you get fanatic fans to rate their favorite videos, articles, sites, blogs, topics, etc.

Naturally, the current problem with the social sites is content. CONTENT IS KING and content takes time. In time, I assume if fanpop catches on, you will be able to search on ‘Seattle Mortgage’ and find happy customers who have recommended their favorite mortgage broker.

Take a look, it is pretty cool

Most Innovative Blog Nomination Dinner

[photopress:Innovator_finalist.jpg,full,alignright]Inman’s Most Innovator Awards will be announced at a the SF Connect conference on Wednesday (7/26) between 5PM and 6PM… I’ve had more than a few requests to have dinner/lunch over the two days I’ll be at Inman, so what I’d like to do is organize a dinner at one of my favorite restaurant in SF, House of Nanking, with anyone and everyone being invited. It is not a fancy place (and their service is definitely nothing to write a blog entry about), but the food is soooo good.

For those not familiar with San Francisco, House of Nanking is a long walk (or a short taxi ride!) from the Palace Hotel. It is on the border of Chinatown and North Beach (the Italian district) in a micro-neighborhood I’ll always associate with the Beat Generation. There’s Vesuvio, Caffe Trieste (warning: music!), and, of course, City Lights Bookstore, all of which are still operating and will always thrive within the writings of Jack Kerouac, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and many others from the Beat Generation.

To summarize, if you’re reading this blog post, then you’ve been invited to join a group of us as we descend on North Beach on Wednesday evening (I plan to be at House of Nanking around 7:30 or so). Also, I’m covering the first round at Vesuvio’s for any and all real estate bloggers who were nominated by Inman! 😉