King County Stats 2005 vs 2006

I ran and posted the stats for King County sales in 2005 vs. 2006. I will update date them at the end of each month going forward. If anyone can turn them into a line or bar graph, that would be much appreciated.

Please post any comments regarding the stats, on the blog where the stats are located, and not here.

Thank you.

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6 thoughts on “King County Stats 2005 vs 2006

  1. Ardell,

    I put your data into Excel and made some graphs. Before I send it to you, I was wondering about the Million+ catagory. Is that just sales and no days on market?

    I will just send you the file now…

  2. Also, I need to know if those numbers are total CLOSED sales, PENDING sales, or something else so that I can verify it with MLS data. As is, the numbers are high for the closed MLS sales reported in the NWMLS report

  3. Thanks Flopfolder,

    The data is closed transactions. I’ll count the pendings when they close. Otherwise they will show twice, and inflate current sales making it look like more are selling relative to previous months. Wouldn’t be fair to mislead people by stacking those on top of October closed data.

    That IS mls data. Where are you seeing the numbers as “higher than” mls data? I did include condos, townhomes and single family homes, but not investment properties or vacant land.

    When I do the Eastside stats by zipcode, I will show the Single Family separate from the condos.

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