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Russ and I finished up another enjoyable Bloginar in Vancouver, WA today! I know that both Russ and I enjoy the opportunities to share our blogging passion with a larger audience!

If you attended, please feel free to use this post to give us some feedback.

BTW, I have an idea for a new set of seminars that has less to do with the practicalities of blogging and more to do with giving agents advice for remaining relevant on the internet (blogging being on of the many tools in the toolbox). I find that the most interesting questions at these blogging seminars have to do with understanding “how” the web works, and I think I could create an interesting presentation with this slant.

Would you attend a 2-hour seminar that dealt with the intersection of web2.0 and real estate?

13 thoughts on “Bloginar in Vancouver

  1. I attended the seminar yesterday, and found the information to be valuable. I had never thought, myself, what a valuable tool it could be for a real estate agent. There was one thing that stuck out in my mind the whole time through the seminar. That is that almost all real estate agents, and the ones in the class, don’t get exactly what is going on. These new ways of communicating that are brought about by new technologies are drastically transforming the way that their business is being conducted. With the web, and web 2.0, you are really not selling real estate, so much as you are selling yourself. You covered this in the seminar, but to the extent that they understood this point I can’t say. I feel your point that you become the representative of your area was a crucial point, and that that was probably the seminars most important. The power of the for an agent is immeasurable. Do it, love it and the rest of what you want will follow

  2. Great point, Ed! As we discussed, real estate is a relationship biz. Web2.0 has moved relationship building in the online world to the forefront. Agents who “get” this will have a major competetive advantage.

    Thanks for coming.


  3. I would be very interested in attending a seminar like you described. I wasn’t able to make Friday’s seminar, but based on what I heard about it, it would be a top priority for me to attend one like it in the future, particularly if it covered other nuts and bolts stuff like you mentioned.

  4. Loved the seminar! I found it very informative and many of my questions were answered. Sometimes, just getting STARTED is the hardest! I liked your no-nonsense approach.
    I slept terribly last night because I was BLOGGING in my dreams! What great writing I did and fantastic ideas I had…. Now I have to bring them to life~
    I will continue to watch your site for inpiration and ideas for my local area.
    Thanks for the presentation!

  5. Great class. This is the only class I have ever seen offered on blogs and that includes past years at NAR (although I didn’t go this year). I found your list of ‘what to’ and ‘what not to’ blog about, worth the drive. I just started my blog in August and was in need of some direction. A 2.0 class would be very helpful. Any chance you could do it as a webinar?

  6. I attended the seminar last friday and got a lot out of it. I agree with all the points stated above. Blogging is a great tool for the Real Estate industry as long as you understand the oipinion aspect of it. I’ve always believed that blogging is a great way to network, not to sell. Afterall, Real Estate is a business of relationship building.
    Thanks again for your class

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  8. Dear Dustin,
    I found you on and see that you are a blog expert.
    I just wanted to know what you think of a Blog owner that takes your e mail when you join the group, promising not to show it. Then gets angry because you do not agree with him, and with malice, publishes your personal business e mail on a public thread?
    This is what Greg Swan did to me. I was not a flamer or a troll, I just think Dual/Transactional Agency is fine, and he wants it outlawed, so Buyer Broker Agency can become mandatory in AZ.
    Oh, and he is a Buyer Broker.
    Just wanted to know what you think about that.
    FlyingMonkeyWarrior at HP
    Sam at Bloodhound

  9. Sam,

    Of course that would suck… But I’ve known Greg to be a very reasonable guy, so I would wait for his side of the story before I formed an opinion on your situation.

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