Snowing in Seattle

[photopress:snow.jpg,thumb,alignright]Yes, they are the Seahawks.  Yes, they are playing here in Seattle and yes, that IS SNOW!

We don’t see a lot of snow around here.  I went over to Redmond Town Center to pick up new cell phones for the whole family on one plan before my daughter returns to L.A. tomorrow.  We got stuck in traffic on Redmond Way not far from Redmond Town Center for a whole hour of going absolutely no where, and the snow kept coming down.

We pulled over and got some dinner at Canyons where we got to watch the Seahawks game.  By the time we left there were many, many cars stranded on the side of the road and people just walking away from their cars.  I just saw some shots of Issaquah on the news, and it looks like it took a very long time for many to get home from work tonight.  Many just called someone with a bigger vehicle and left their cars behind.

This is the most snow, and most trouble caused by snow, that I’ve seen in Seattle.  Kim says it was probably the worst night he’s seen here since 1997.

Hope everyone made it home safe tonight! 

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10 thoughts on “Snowing in Seattle

  1. My mother-in-law (who lives with us – don’t ask) took 6 hours to get from Group Health in Redmond/Bellevue to almost the top of Juanita Drive (where I had to rescue her with the Yukon. It’s nuts.

    This is the worst since the big evening commute snow storm back in ’90 or ’91. Same thing. The snow caught everyone off guard who were at work. I ended up walking from downtown Seattle to Wallingford. I’ll never forget that walk.

    Lots of people around here won’t soon forget their walks last night either.

  2. My daughter Meredith is staying with us right now. Once, years ago, we were in Seattle at Labor Day. We went far enough up Mount Ranier to play in the snow — which we don’t ever get to do in Phoenix. Meri hid a snowball in her coat pocket, thinking she would spring it on me later. She ended up forgetting about it until we were at the rental car counter at SeaTac Airport. Sunny and high seventies, a beautiful day for Seattle. We took the snowball outside and threw it into a passing convertible full of teenagers.

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