Worst Commute: anywhere to Bellevue

I’ve had only unconventional communes: Seattle to Bainbridge Island (a 3 step bus/bike – ferry – bike/walk) and Capitol Hill to Belltown (walk or bike), but I’ve had early morning meetings on the East side and I can confirm that the commute stinks.

Last week the Seattle Times confirmed my suspicion: it’s worse to commute to and from Bellevue than anywhere else. Bellevue workers, would you support tolls to improve our region’s nasty traffic? I would.

2 thoughts on “Worst Commute: anywhere to Bellevue

  1. Galen- You are right about traffic to and from Bellevue. I had my office(s) there for 24 years. Moving my T-Square and drafting board home saves me a lot of time every day and has probably added years to my life. However, as to Tolls, we Mercer Islanders were glad to see them go away the first time around.

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