History of Realtor.com?

Since I know there is more than a little bit of interest among RCG readers with regard to Realtor.com, I thought I’d point people to this video interview I just posted with Phil Dawley (Move’s Chief Technical Officer) and also one of the first employees. (direct link to video)

BTW, I’m up for more of these interviews, so please feel free to suggest people/topics/questions…

6 thoughts on “History of Realtor.com?

  1. Phil’s the guy for much of the technology history of Move, as he’s been there from the start (at least three name-changes ago). Very few in the company today have been there for nearly as long…

  2. Doing a Google search on the “History of Realtor.com,” I ran into this site. Realtors need more of this. It is a good length. The questions were excellent. I commend Dustin on getting this done. Interviews like this should be archived in Realtor.org, have you tried doing this?

  3. Bill,

    I haven’t done anything to get it archived on Realtor.org, but I have been thinking of doing some more interviews… I do know a few people at NAR and if I get a collection of them built up, I would definitely consider working with them to archive the interviews!

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