Glenn Kelman vs. ARDELL DellaLoggia???

[photopress:blogswap.jpg,full,alignright] Hey!  Hold on there!  LOL

When I “signed up for this Blogswap it said Suzy Q or someone or other from Redfin, was looking for a “challenger”.  How’d it get to Glenn Kelman vs. ARDELL?  Oh, well.  Russ is sparring with me for “practice”, so I think I can handle it.

Looks like everyone is pretty fairly matched so far.  We’ve got Pat vs. DrewMary vs. JoelTeresa vs. JayKevin vs. NigelLarry! vs. AndrewGeno!! vs. ChristineJonathan vs. Bonnie (that’s a cute one…I LIKE it!). Joe AND Rudy? vs. Cronin?…yeah, that sounds about right.  Mike vs. EliseReggie vs. Steve? hmmm. Longo vs. Francis.  All looks in order there in terms of “weight category”.

But c’mon.  Say this like an announcer: “In this corrr-ner in the RED trunks, weighing in at CEO of Redfin, GLEEEENNNNN KEL-man!!  Cheers, Boos, et.c…  “aaannnndd in THIS CORNER, going for the TITLE against the CHAMP…we have ARDELL of” Say WA?. 

What are the freakin’ RULES for this thing anyway?  Can we be working on it before the 19th?  Do I stick to my “no preparation, stream of consciousness, “in my brain out my mouth” style?

Keep the comments coming at me, Russ.  It’s great training.  Maybe Craig can come out with his big stick and help me out here too.  A few days of taking on Russ and Craig and I’ll be READY!!

And where’s Greg MarlowKrisRojas? NoahToddIs Jon-Boy moderating again?  Maybe the whole gang’s not here because of that “Yankee” thing.  I thought it was only for “Yankees”.  Why is it a “Yankee Blog Swap”. 

I need more info before we get to December 19th…who’s got “The Rules”.

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62 thoughts on “Glenn Kelman vs. ARDELL DellaLoggia???

  1. I think you can work on a post before hand. I think ( I have started to get a few things together) ut oh, can we do this? Noah, contact Mary McKnight and Jonathon to get em in on the swap. Mary would be thrilled!

  2. I have to say that Mary hasn’t made this very easy to figure out. I went to and scrolled down to the blog entry and left a comment there. But her blog format is tough to tread and wade and find in. I don’t see her email address anywhere and I still can’t find “the rules” over there.

    If someone can tell me where those rules are, I’d appreciate it.

  3. Funny… I had to ask Jim at the Tomato where you guys came up with the term Yankee blog swap. The first thing I asked when he mentioned it was, are you guys all from up north or something?

    He then sent me a link to what a yankee blog swap was. I think I posted the link on Christine’s site (I think it was the NY4Sale site) as someone else in her comments asked the same question.

  4. Thanks Derek!! When I moved to Orlando I went out front and bleached the moss off the brick mailbox. Took me two days. The next door neighbor asked the neighbor across the street if he had met me. He said, “NOPE. BUT I CAN TELL YOU SHE’S A YANKEE”. lol

  5. Hey all, my email is And the rules are: just write a post that will fit with the culture of the blog you are paired with, you email it directly to the author of the blog at least 24 hrs ahead of time and they will do the same for you. Once you are int he mix, I will send you an email with more specific instructions. Love to get more people involved- The more the merrier!

  6. OMG!!! Mary IS REBlogGirl! Whodaknown and why do we have to guess?? Why do so many bloggers make it so hard to know their name? I go to lots of blogs I like, but if I can’t see the blogger somehow…I leave. Why are lots “hiding” (not Mary specifically) but like the Pacific Northwest One…I think it’s Jerry Campbell.

    Why is it so hard to find some? Noah’s easy, I’m certainly easy, Jim’s a Tomato, Joe and Rudy are some ancient fart…what’s up with that?

  7. RUDY!! I was going to post a picture of you two, that I edited and had on my destop forever. I don’t care what his name is…You and Joe are definitely cuter than he is.

  8. Jeez! I take a couple of days “off” from the feed reader to actually sell some homes, then someone has a party, and I’m not invited. I’m game, so long as I am not pitted against Greg.

  9. I thought Glenn Kelman was supposed to pretend to be me, and vice versa…as to style. But if NOT…Woo Hoo! I’d love to do a totally ARDELL piece on Redfin! It’s not easy not being me…and I’m sure Glenn would agree, that’s it’s not easy BEING me either LOL


  10. Derek,

    Thanks for the link and I LOVE those gift swaps at Christmas parties. Think I’ll have that at mine this year, I love them so much. Though I have a Happy New Year and reminisce the old one party, after the holidays.

    Not sure that link helps me though, can we steal from Sellsius if we don’t like ours…hmmm, still not getting it.

    Maybe Mary will give us a better clue when we get closer to the date of the 19th.

  11. I’m a Boston guy, we hate EVERYTHING that has to do with the Yankees. Oh…. alright everything except for the swap, I’m in if I have a pair, and if I’m not too late, and if Mary doesn’t hate me for butchering her name in the CoRE.

  12. Haha that’s nuts! It’s a great idea though… who doesn’t like to mix it up a bit? I bet a lot of bloggers were excited about this.

    All I can think about when I read this entry is the episode of The Office where they play Yankee Swap at for the Office Christmas party. So hilarious!

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