First Sunny Day Since Halloween?

[photopress:sunny.jpg,thumb,alignright]We ARE having a gorgeous, sunny day here in Seattle.  But really, the FIRST SUNNY DAY since Halloween?

According to the King County Journal and the National Weather Service, it is. 

“Today the National Weather Service is predicting clear skies and a high of 40. If that prediction holds, today will qualify as the first official sunny day since Halloween, nearly two months ago. The National Weather Service defines a sunny day as one in which the sky was less than 30 percent covered in clouds.”

I swear I have seen the sun PLENTY since Halloween, but as I say…”It’s always sunnier in Kirland” for some reason”.  Anyone know why it would be sunnier in Kirkland?

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8 thoughts on “First Sunny Day Since Halloween?

  1. Ardell-
    If you ever need to see the sun, don’t be afraid to come visit us on the real EASTSIDE. Sure, we’re all digging out from recent snows, but the sunshine here on this side of the Cascades is delicious.

  2. I don’t know Geordie. I haven’t been to Cananda yet. I haven’t been to the Islands and have plenty of friends with homes there who keep inviting me, and haven’t made it yet. Just back and forth over that 520 Bridge…tomorrow again for a home inspection, last night to write an offer, Saturday to de-stage two homes that are in escrow…I thought this was SLOW season?!

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