I need friends!

Despite my preference for blogs, (I really dislike the peer pressure games associated with almost all online social networks), I’ve been diving into a bunch of other platforms over the past two weeks (call it “work research”).

If you are on any of these, please consider sending an invite to me at dustin (at) raincityguide (dot) com.

If I’m missing a social network that you really like, please feel free to clue me in!

Also, one glaring hole in my social network is ActiveRain. The first reader to (1) send me an invite to ActiveRain AND (2) an invite to connect on at least two other social networks gets the credit for me joining up! 🙂 I’m now an ActiveRain Blogger! Thank you Cheryl of NELALive.

42 thoughts on “I need friends!

  1. Am I only allowed one ActiveRain invitation a day? LOL!

    The first invitation came without any other social networks, so the ActiveRain invitation is still up for grabs! 🙂

  2. I have received a few invites to Active Rain, but didn’t take them up on it. Will I have to write a whole new blog if I do? I think I’m juggling five blogs now!

  3. Ardell,

    I received a few invites as well (most of them from this past summer) when I was too busy to play around… If you want to be active on ActiveRain, then of course, you’ll need to write on one more site. I’m not sure I want to be active, but I do want to play! 🙂

  4. Well, I just added you as a contact in MyBlogLog, invited you to be a friend on MySpace, and sent you an ActiveRain invitation. The only thing is, my MySpace persona is my alter ego — you know some coulda, shoulda, woulda stuff, plus I knocked about 20 years off my age there. You may not recognize me. Maybe over the New Year Holiday, I’ll convert it to the real me.

    There are 2 schools of thought regarding Active Rain. Some agents seem to use it as their primary blog platform to reach the public. Others use it as a social network to talk shop with other agents. I’m in the second group.

  5. Awesome Cheryl!

    I’m now in ActiveRain!

    But to others… Please don’t stop sending the invites! In particular, I’m looking to hook up with others that are using MySpace and Del.icio.us.

    More to come…

  6. I use all of the above, you can also do Trailfire, Dodgeball, Shadows, Jobster, Yahoo 360, and Ziggs. They each have their advantages and disadvantages, too many to list. If you have questions, feel free to zip me off an e-mail. There are some nifty little tidbits in each one.

  7. Thanks. I have too many blogs (I swear the things are like bunny rabbits)

    I tend to join almost every social networking site just so I can toy around with all the features and map them out on my drawing board. Some of my friends up here are ina few social networking start-ups, so the tech interests me. Sites like linkedin are fun to join just to see how different user groups can benefit from them.

  8. Reba,

    Maybe some day in a blog post you can tell us how you got involved in Judy’s Book… 🙂 I noticed that you are a City Editor. What does that mean?

  9. Hey…maybe I could be #1 in Duval LOL I switched to Kirkland and then back to Seattle. I figure they only have six moths on me and I’ve already climbed over many up to #6 or #5 in just hours. Tomorrow the World! LOL.

    Goal is #3 by next week and #2 by New Year’s Day…Chinese New Year’s that is 🙂

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