Good Morning (It's Friday!)


Photo:7:15 am. oriented south towards Mt. Rainier ,1/12/07

Copyright Tim S. Kane

Wish I had a wide angle lens to showcase the rose colored snow on the Cascade and Olympic Mountains. Nothing like waking up to a day of Sun in the Pacific NW! If I uploaded the full size picture it gets smaller and the Moon is removed. Maybe there is a trick on WordPress to keep pictures the same size but I haven’t figured it out.

2 thoughts on “Good Morning (It's Friday!)

  1. It’s a great shot…

    I think I know the problem you’re running up against… When you upload the full version it probably doesn’t “crop” the moon as much as it hides it “behind” the sidepanel. In other words, if I allowed photos/text to extend beyond the “550” pixels that make up the post area, then larger photos would cover up the beautiful faces of our contributors. 🙂

    Anyway, I do think it is a great photo and I’m sorry to hear about the trouble uploading. Another option is to upload it to a site like Flickr and then send us to a link on that site!

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