HouseValues lays off 60 employees locally

Hmmmm, the Seattle Times article in today’s business section talks about HouseValues reducing staff because they’re moving out of selling leads to mortgage brokers and they had also overestimated where they’d be financially at this time on top of the fact that sites like have taken over part of their target site user. HV will now go back to the original focus of selling directly to real estate agents and I have a feeling they’ll have some difficult days ahead of them.

Not only was there a layoff but yet again there are upper management shifts. In the short time this firm has been in business they’ve had a lot of staff changes in the upper tier management and C-levels of the company.

10 thoughts on “HouseValues lays off 60 employees locally

  1. Serves them right. This is a prime example of the public responding to an inferior product. In a world where customer service rules House Values has yet to define the term.

    In a world where your customer is your lifeline this is a company that does not have and never had an iota of respect for their customer base.

    Good riddance!

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