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I just installed a long requested plugin that allows a user (YOU!) to subscribe to comments on any given post. The idea is that after you’ve written a comment you can opt to also be notified via email every time a new comment is added to that post. It is not for everyone, but if this is your cup-of-tea, then try it out and let me know if you’re having any issues…

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  1. This is a great topic and one which the RETS community has been working on quite a bit. For those interested in this topic, I encourage you to participate in the discussions on-going right now regarding the Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS) version 2 payloads. Though the standards certainly will evolve over time, the broader and deeper the standards are developed now, the more productive users will find the data. The site has links to the schema, and I know the community is developing some tools to allow people who don’t want to plow through xsd files an easier time to review and comment on the standards.

  2. Micheal,

    It’s great to see an MLS vendor that has a blog! The more of us software types that blog, the better the software will eventually be for everybody who plays in the real estate space.

    Another idea I had, was adding HTML to the remarks fields. Unfortunately, I know all too well the security challenges that poses since I used to work on OWA. I also have a hunch that adding HTML would impede folks from implementing full text search features that folks want, since I don’t think SQL DBs are smart enough to ignore markup. Also, the last thing I want as a consumer is pop-ups, marquee or blink tags in your IDX web site.

    Still, I can’t see anything wrong with adding more hyperlinks. You end up with more useful web sites, it improves the ole SEO, and it’s easy to implement.

  3. “The more of us software types that blog, the better the software will eventually be for everybody who plays in the real estate space.”

    Can we make a list of who that might be? MLS members should be in two groups. Agents for Sellers and Agents for Buyers. What new things will help them and how, if Agents for Sellers only want to convey better and best info to Agents for Buyers?

  4. I am totally in favor of richer media capabilities being added to the MLS. That would allow the agents that are using these newer and more useful technologies such as video walk thrus, PDF flyers, and audio or video podcasts to feature them on the MLS. The agents who would prefer to only put 1 or a couple of small pictures on the MLS can continue to do as they always have. Raising the bar on online marketing for real estate is a good thing. If agents choose to utilize these advancements that is up to them.

  5. “What new things will help them and how, if Agents for Sellers only want to convey better and best info to Agents for Buyers?”

    In that case, they’d leaving those columns/fields blank. for example, if a house doesn’t have a broadband connection, seller’s agent will leave that column blank that gives enough info to buyer’s agent.

  6. I’m also kind of surpised that open house data isn’t part of many (most?) MLS IDX feeds. I think it’d be another high value / low cost feature for agents & ther clients (auto generate appointment for your calendar client using iCalendar files).

  7. I think are great Robbie. I especially agree with the information regarding cell reception and bandwith. These are important questions that come up. I also like the links to more detailed school information. As for my requests, I just wish the MLS would make a few more of the fields that we can search by “required” fields in order to help fine tune our searches and not have to pull up listings that don’t meet our clients needs (ie: fully fenced backyard, pet restrictions for condos, bonus room, etc…) Thanks for thinking outside the box!

  8. Robbie, open house data is a part of most feeds, but most agents who are members of the NWMLS don’t input open houses. It would be nice if they did!

    Rebecca, try those searches on ShackPrices – just type in “fully fenced.” Pet restrictions are a little trickier…

  9. Thanks for the welcome, Robbie. I’ve been reading Rain City Guide for awhile, along with a bunch of other blogs, and figured an MLS software vendor’s voice couldn’t hurt. Regarding HTML in comments, perhaps a solution to that could be similar to what some of the virtual tour companies do in providing “branded” and “unbranded” tours. The MLS could provide remarks copy with or without HTML. I also think that things like video and audio are best handled by links. There are many good video and audio services today, there doesn’t seem to be a need for the MLS vendors to reinvent that wheel but rather should just allow effective link integration.

  10. Rebecca, we looked at pets a while ago, so I forgot how we dealt with them. If you type “dogs” into ShackPrices, you will see all the buildings that explicitly allow dogs or that say pets are subject to restrictions. It works the same way for cats. “Pets” will bring a strange mix of buildings that allow no pets and buildings that are “pet friendly.”

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