Now that Matt…

has a new condo in Bellevue at the Meritage, you might have thought he would slow down the pace of his condo blogging at Urbnlivn. But no chance there… instead he unleashes the urbnlivn forum for the Seattle-area Market. Very cool. It’s a little quiet at the moment (the site is brand new), but I’m sure under Matt’s guidance, it won’t stay quiet for long…

Also a belated, but HUGE, congratulations to Matt on your new condo!

14 thoughts on “Now that Matt…

  1. Pretty sure that Matt’s new condo is on Capital Hill. I think he just signed the mortgage docs in Bellevue…but the forums will be cool!

  2. Thanks Dustin! Yes, it is on Capitol Hill (actually its 124 Bellevue Ave). My co-worker Rob jokes I need to start to capture some of the Bellevue market but I’m swamped just trying to keep tabs on Seattle :).

    Hopefully with my packing, closing and moving out of the way I can contribute a few more articles here. I didn’t realize purchasing a condo just down the street from my old apartment could be so time intensive!

  3. Estate,

    It is easy enough to register by simply clicking on the link at the bottom of the right panel that says register… However, this won’t really do much for you as I’d need to bump up your permissions to a contributor before you’d get too see much on the backend.

    Is there something specific you’d like to know about real estate blogging?

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