Seatte Metropolitan Magazine's Best Places to Live

This month’s issue of Seattle Metropolitan Magazine features their annual “Best Places to Live”.    What strikes me is their number one pick is[photopress:seattlemet.jpg,thumb,alignright] not any where near Seattle; nor is it “metropolitan”.   It’s Kent.  I’m not knocking Kent.   In fact, my main office is head quartered on the East Hill of Kent and I grew up in south east King County.   It just seems out of place to have 40% of Seattle Metropolitan Magazine’s Best Places to Live be outside of Seattle city limits.

Here is the Best Places to Live according to SMM with the median home price:

  1. Kent $278,500
  2. Lower Queen Anne $289,000
  3. High Point $315,990
  4. Belltown $324,450
  5. Victory Heights/Pinehurst $356,750
  6. Rainier Vista $390,000
  7. South Lake Union $394,000
  8. Issaquah Highlands $569,950
  9. Somerset $697,500
  10. Yarrow Point $1,500,000

Is SMM out of neighborhoods in Seattle they feel are worthy?  Are they searching for newly constructed fresh neighborhoods…Seattle is pretty darn old, afterall.  

Last year, Eileen covered SMMs 2006 Best Neighborhoods on RCG.   She asked why not Burien?  Which I agree–Burien continues to be completely overlooked and…in my opinion, so is Des Moines.   Both of these neighborhoods are technically “Seattle”.  

What Seattle neighborhoods would have made your top 10 that are not receiving recognition on this years list?

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  1. My husband and I are considering a move to the Seattle area. He’ll be working off 5th, which looks about a mile from the ferry terminal. We would really like to live on the water. What are your suggestions for best location, easiest commute, etc? We have looked at Bainbridge Island and it seems to meet the qualifications.

  2. I’ve never lived on Bainbridge. We have friends who live there and it’s beautiful. There’s plenty of waterfront homes around the Seattle area (lake, sound) and it all varies in price just like the list above. One of the RCG agents would probably be better suited to answer this than me. 🙂

  3. Hi Anne,

    I found this blog post over at Active Rain written by David Parker with some January stats for Bainbridge. His contact info is there. Hope that’s helpful. We don’t like to “guess” at things we don’t know over here at RCG and we don’t have any Baindbridge specialists to the best of my knowledge.

  4. Burien? Seriously? Ewwww.

    Des Moines would be a good candidate, but Burien has always seemed kind of dismal to me. Down on its luck. Ugly.

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