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I was contacted by KOMO this morning to see if they could stop by my office this afternoon to interview me regarding subprime mortgages and how it has impacted consumers.  

If I’m not on the cutting room floor…you can tune in tonight at 6:00 p.m. on Channel 4.  🙂

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Rhonda Porter is an NMLS Licensed Mortgage Originator MLO121324 for homes located in Washington state. Her blog, The Mortgage Porter, is nationally recognized for sharing relevant information to consumers about mortgages. She has been originating mortgages since 2000 at Mortgage Master Service Corporation #40445 Consumer NMLS Website: NMLS ID 40445. Equal Housing Opportunity. You can follow Rhonda on @mortgageporter, Facebook and/or Google+

34 thoughts on “News at 6:00

  1. Hey Rhonda,

    Congrats on the TV spot!! Woohoo, you’re headed for the big time now!! 🙂 Remember to plug RCG too!! 🙂

  2. Thanks, everyone! We’ll see how much of the film they use. I was interviewed for tv once before during a severe storm…I’ve never had the lights, wired for a mike, etc. for business.

    Now that I’ve shamelessly plugged this…watch me get “unplugged”!

  3. Hey, not bad. You made good points in a 20 second clip. The housing analyst on after you got her final words clipped.

    I’m surprised they described MILA as a “significant employer” in Sno-Co. They’re barely a blip in the overall subprime market collapse.

  4. I thought I had much more important information about what consumers who currently have subprime loans should be doing right now… ahh… the interviewer seemed so interested! 😉

    My employers are happy for the 20 seconds on the company sign!

    I would estimate that 300 employees would be a significant staff for a Snohomish County company.

    Thanks, Bill!

  5. I have a link to it on comment 6. It was the third piece on the 6pm news…so maybe it will run again. I’m calling it a night so I will probably be zzzzz by the late news. 🙂

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