A tribute and salute to the guys at Firehouse 10 in NYC.

On August 17, 2007, at about 11:15 pm, a couple firefighters doing maintenance on the outside of their station were kind enough to escort me inside their station to view their memorial at Firehouse 10. “House 10” as they call it, is literally 40 feet across the street from the former Twin Towers and was obviously among the very first to respond. To all those in the past and future who sacrifice to protect and serve our communities, small towns, big cities and country, thanks. The caption reads, “Ten House Bravest.”

Note: the firefighters were very clear that I could not take a photo of the memorial with me or anyone “in the picture.” It could only be of the memorial itself.

18 thoughts on “A tribute and salute to the guys at Firehouse 10 in NYC.

  1. Hi Tim,

    I am also touched by how the Firefighters protect and keep the honor for their Brave Fellow Firefighters. Thank you for reminding us of their sacrific, and all those who lost their lives in the tragedy, as well as everyone who was affected….

  2. Rhonda & Deborah,

    Glad you appreciated it. I had never been in NYC until a few weeks ago, so it was very interesting to me. I remember that morning 6 yrs ago very well. Got up very early to get some paint for a client of mine and turned on the tube to see tower one on fire and watched tower two get hit live on TV. Knew then that we had a serious matter on our hands. While I was painting the client’s house I had the radio on non-stop for at least a week. Remember the owner telling me to go home after I showed up.

    Terrorism’s arms reached our family first hand (Mom’s Dad was victim) so it hits home probably a bit more for me.

  3. I still can’t bring myself to watch either of the movies about 9/11. I took my kids to Manhattan last summer, too, just like you did Tim. It was very….? moving isn’t the right word. It was sad to count all the names of those who died.

    My kids said that the teachers didn’t do anything out of the ordinary today at school. It was just another day.

    I walked into my training location this morning and the client had a big screen TV in the lobby. CNBC was playing a tape from that morning.

  4. We went to Alki last night to see Lady Liberty return home. We were not at the actual “celebration”…but there was something very peaceful and calming looking at the statue and reflecting about 9/11. I’m glad we did “something”. It’s a day that will haunt me forever and I have not lost a friend or family member to terrorism. Tim, I’m sorry for your families loss.

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