September 11, Neighborhood Round-up begins with a West Seattle Tribute to Freedom….

…Alki unveils its Lady Liberty so reveals West Seattle Blog


Personal remembrance of things past…Pike Place Market, circa 1923, via Alki.  Always a wonderful surprise at Beach Drive Blog when one of these is caught on digital.   

Ballard Avenue compares the “Bootylicious” quotient of an Olympic Sculpture.  Issaquah Undressed and ART.  

The Wedgwood Blog ponders “weighty” sidewalk issues in a “healthy” debate.   NIMFY musings At Large in Ballard

Urban fruit harvest time!  Capitol Hill Seattle reminds us the proper harvest “ratio” for the annual bounty.  Bento Box tip at Broadway Seattle . 

Captain Columbia City and the cinema….On again/ off again the wagon at Kirkland Weblog

  Red Brick Blog in Issaquah wonders “Y” for fun.  First Day of School in Sammamishmash 

Miller Park Neighborhood  wins for BEST headline…”Storm in a D-Cup”!

10 thoughts on “September 11, Neighborhood Round-up begins with a West Seattle Tribute to Freedom….

  1. Hi Joe,

    I love Seattle, not a native, I chose to live here and all the wonderful neighborhoods are what make Seattle an amazing place to live. So all the neighborhood “bits” are important to recognize on occassion. Micro is as important to our daily lives as the Macro, it’s what makes up the simple joys and pleasures of day to day life.

    Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  2. Deborah,

    Amen to that, the ‘bits’ are what makes a place special. The simple joys and pleasures.

    I could neglect going outside to lavish on the sun because of stuff at work, knowing deep inside that im already spacing out,low productivity. Then i go outside and just capture ideas that i would never think of if i was ‘inside’.

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