Anything but stormy

As Tim’s last update let everyone know that his team was having fun through the storm, I thought I’d let everyone know that things are anything BUT stormy near my home in Southern Cal…

I live right off Las Virgines Rd, which is about five or six miles away down the road from the church and castle that burned down yesterday. However, the good news is that my family is far enough away to be out of any danger, the same of which cannot be said for many bloggers in the southern California area whose homes are clearly threatened…

[photopress:malibu_castle.jpg,thumb,alignright]On a side-note, I invited Scotty Brown to work out of Move’s offices today because the internet was down at his home and work in Malibu… Normally, Scotty is quite the dynamic individual but he simply wasn’t his usual self today… But who could blame him considering his $17M listing went up in flames.

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  1. Dustin,
    I hope that your home and of course your family remain safe. I’ve heard the number of homes lost to the fires are in the 100’s. My thoughts and prayers to those who have lost their homes.

    Greg Perry

  2. The Santa Ana winds are both amazing and scary. I remember that they created a strong sense of anxiety in me when they blew, enhanced because their association with wildfires when I was growing up in San Diego.

    Dustin, I hope the winds die down soon, what a terrible thing for you all in Southern California. Everyone who can see the fires on the horizon, even more who are under the huge clouds of smoke and ashes, and the many more who are worried about family, and friends, I hope there is some relief for you all.

    I am glad that you and your family are safe, and hope everyone soon will be.

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  4. The agent is bummed because he’s out 3% of 17M, but I bet the owner is thrilled since it has been up for so long without selling.

  5. Ouch, so much for anonymous posting. Admin is researching posters source IP’s and then posting where they are coming from?

    I think it is really inappropriate to post someones source IP on a blog.

    Next thing you will be searching for me and associate my IP as coming from Atlanta and out me as the poster who posted as Atlanta Bound.

  6. Oh wait.. did I just say that? I mean I am re-routing my IP through Atlanta but I am NOT Atlanta Bound. I am in China.

  7. Joel, I imagine he’s bummed not only because he’s losing potential income, but also because he’s invested a bunch of time and money into the listing including paying for a photographer, stager, etc. A TON of money goes into selling expensive houses and home sellers don’t pay up front.

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  9. Wow, what a hostile reaction. What’s the problem?


    Oh noes! You have my IP, please don’t hack me! So much for only attacking ideas huh? What about my comment was mean-spirited anyway? And how could it be possibly more mean spirited than implying that everyone at MS is mean spirited.


    That’s even more reason why he’d be bummed out on not getting a commission. I never said he shouldn’t be bummed or it wrong to be bummed. I’d be depressed too if I missed out on $510k.

  10. Good point Joel – I caught onto a negative sentiment, probably from the following comments from Dustin and the taunting anonymous people.

    The owner probably won’t be ecstatic for very long; a lot of insurance policies (most? all?) won’t just pay out – they require you to rebuild. Ugh!

  11. Have to admit, the fact that the guy in charge would start posting IP addresses is a bit disconcerting. I didn’t think Joel’s comment was enough to warrant that type of retribution.

  12. John, in retrospect, I should not have listed his IP and I will not do it again. I’ve edited the comment to take it down (not that it helps much now that the cat is out of the bag). Because we’ve had dozens of people who’ve posted under that IP address, I didn’t feel like I was threatening his anonymity, but I can tell from people’s responses, that I should not have made that assumption.

  13. John, I agree that the IP posting was a little weird (!), but unless you are a tubes and pipes master, it isn’t really “outing” him, right? It pretty much narrows it down to the 30,000 or so Microsofties in Redmond.

  14. “but I bet the owner is thrilled since it has been up for so long without selling.”

    I for one thought Joel’s comments were crass, mean spirited and exhibited a lack of empathy. No one is happy about losing a home. The possessions can be replaced, but not the unique memory builders that become a part of home. In addition, the disruption to a burned out victim’s (or even an evacuee’s) daily life is nothing to be taken likely.

    Thousands have been evacuated and hundreds have burned. Any person who’s home burns down faces a personal tragedy.

    There are times to debate, and times to just care.

  15. Galen

    I agree the fact that it was a MS IP mitigates it slightly (due to the number of people there), but that doesn’t mean the next IP posted will be at such a large employer. Just bad form in general from a privacy perspective (note, privacy is different than anonymity for those who dislike anonymous posters).


    Glad to hear it won’t happen again.

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