Say Goodbye to the Penguin


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18 thoughts on “Say Goodbye to the Penguin

  1. Is this a photo caption contest?

    “This is going to hurt, but not as much as when your Pay Option, Interest Only, Negative-am ARM adjusts.”

    “No Closing Costs….and when you let us tattoo our company logo on your arm, you’ll receive an interest rate reduction of 1% over the life of the loan. Not all loans apply. Subject to loan approval.”

    “New construction condo fall tat fest: free tattoo with every new condo sold during the month of November.”

  2. That’s my daughter Andrea. I was trying to put one up of her getting a tattoo and another of her giving a tattoo. But that offer to give a tattoo with every sale might interest her 🙂 She’s building up her portfolio. We think we may all have to be her test subjects when she comes for Thanksgiving. Maybe the REALTOR R for me?

  3. Just semantics… One could argue that it requires artistic talent (some are vastly better than others) to give a good tattoo.

    Client/customer/victim… hahaha either way.

    Alcohol thins the blood. If you drink before you ink, you’re going to bleed heavily. This makes it very difficult for the artist to do clean work.

    It just stuck out to me that the alcoholic beverage is quite prominent in the photo. From my experience a reputable tattooist will not give a tattoo while you are under the influence.

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