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So far, we have Jeff, Joel, Jessica, Keith and Myself prepared to twitter the NAR 2007. Follow along, or better yet tweet with us, at Jeff’s summary site: NAR Updates.

And I’m voting for using “NAR2007” (one word) as our tag on Flickr, YouTube, etc. Use it and you’ll make it easy for us to find your stuff! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Tweet tweet

  1. Dustin,
    Attended your wonderful lecture at the NAR conference….my husband (who is not in real estate was there also)….I must say you impressed us both!! Your delivery was impeccable, some (if not most) was well above my head, but it was a joy to listen to you and feel your enthusiasm. We especially loved the “water breaks!” I accidentally lost my notes to your lecture. Do you have it in print or on CD yet? I really want to follow up with many of your ingenious ideas. I hope your wife knows how fortunate she is to have you has her marketing “GURU”!

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