Are you going to Vegas?

or more interestingly, are you going to my presentation on Tuesday morning?

If so, I’d love to know. I’m just finishing up the presentation now and would love to include a few screenshots of people’s blogs who will be in the audience.


By the way, the impetus for this blog post is that I like to localize my presentation. But considering most of the people in the audience will not be from Vegas, I’m looking for another way to personalize the show… Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t… but it won’t do much harm to try.

And there are lots of clues for what the talk filed under the seminar tag

22 thoughts on “Are you going to Vegas?

  1. Jeff, I think you were already in the presentation! 🙂

    Bill (of RealEstateCafe): I don’t think it is being recorded, but I’d love to do an informal meetup afterwards. I’m around all week… Also did you know there is a blogger meetup in the blogger lounge on Monday evening?

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  3. Dustin-I attended your seminar yesterday! Terrific! I have soooo much to learn. I’m also around all week and would love to meet for an informal session. My friend is interested in learning more too. Let us know when and where. I’ve emailed you my cell number.

  4. Thank you Kimberly and Rick for the kind words about the vegas presentation… I honestly had a blast and the audience was AWESOME. People seemed pretty darn engaged and laughed at all the right moments! 🙂

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