A Thanksgiving Real Estate Story

I’m greatful that I get to work in this wonderful world of real estate sales.  Every family that is buying or selling a home has a story to tell me.  Every investor renting, buying or selling a building or entrepreneur buying or selling a business brings the agent into their lives during the transaction and often long lasting friendships are forged. What I love is that every deal is different, every buyer and seller brings new and interesting lives with them.  I’ve learned about nearly every religion in the world (I ask a lot of questions).  I’ve learned why people come to the Greater Seattle area.  I’ve learned all about the books and operations of the businesses I represent and their hopes and dreams and I get to share these dreams.

But I want to share the story of Stacy Bannerman who is The Founder/Director of a Foundation called The Sanctuary For Veterans & Families, with whom one of my agents, Brian Borgen and I are currently working. 

This summer I co-listed with Brian a fabulous waterfront home/retreat/spa/B&B in Vaughn, about  ½ hour west of Gig Harbor with 900 feet of salt waterfront, 11,000 sq ft home and 5 acres.  Working with interested buyers has been fascinating and fun, seeing the property through the eyes of different buyers, such as a retreat for Hollywood stars and a Bed and Breakfast business supported by Social Entrepeurs from Europe.

However, Stacy Bannerman called us from an online ad this fall and thinks the property will be perfect for their needs as the Sanctuary they have been looking for.  Working with Stacy has humbled me and made me realize how thankful I am for our Veterans who have been in harm’s way.

Stacy shared with us her vision for this Sanctuary and explained to me why she was willing to spend countless hours volunteering her time so that veterans could have a place of retreat from the world while they get the special services they need to get back on their feet.

ChavezShe states that “at least 1.6 million American military personnel have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Iraq war veterans are exhibiting higher rates of post-combat mental health problems than veterans of any other war in this nation’s history.  

Due to repeat, extended tours, an unprecedented wound-to-kill ratio of 16 to 1, and the high incidence of civilian casualties in a war without front lines, the most conservative estimates now are that at least 30 percent of troops will suffer some post-combat mental health problems. While post-combat mental health issues affect an individual veteran, the aftermath of war impacts the whole family and reverberates across communities.”

Stacey is going through the hoops to get this property under contract, she already has set up work schedules for the operation and arranged to have Bastyr University  handle the rehab portion of the week to help with mental and physical recovery.  The foundation will also be setting up a children’s dayschool so that the veterans can find a safe place to bring their families and get special counseling for a week at a time.

So, today an architect is drawing up the changes to be made to submit to an appraiser and then we get under contract and she’s out raising money.  All this and she has a full time job herself.

I will be so proud to be part of this and sure hope it comes together.  It all feels right and I’m excited and once again, so grateful to be in this business.


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  1. A very cool program, indeed. People suffering from PTSD need lots of levels of support and typically over many years as they learn to cope with its effects and how to handle triggers, etc. I wish the best to this program in helping these soldiers and their families.

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