You like Turkey and Christmas more than real estate

Seriously. Real estate agents have known this forever: people aren’t very interested in buying or selling a home during the holidays. Do you really want to put in an offer and then manage it from your in-laws house in Florida?

Search volumes for Real Estate, Christmas Day, and Thanksgiving Day. Christmas and Thanksgiving alone (without “day”) totally overwhelm the chart for real estate:

Real Estate agents work whenever you aren’t; evenings, weekends, holidays, but many take December off. Except the ones who sell homes on Christmas Day (it’s a holiday – that means a chance for the busiest of professionals to fly in and close). See you in January!

2 thoughts on “You like Turkey and Christmas more than real estate

  1. BTW, Have you noticed your traffic or bandwidth consumption on Estately goes down during the winter months? (Less people looking for houses = less real estate web traffic).

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