Follow President-Elect Obama's Journey

Follow the amazing journey of how this man came to where he is today using Google Maps. This should be every school child’s assignment to day when they go to history class. Then for bonus points they should look up their home in Google Maps Street View, since they added Seattle as of yesterday!

Google Maps – Barak Obama’s Journey

Barack Obamas Journey

Barack Obama's Journey

6 thoughts on “Follow President-Elect Obama's Journey

  1. “Then for bonus points they should look up there home in Google Maps Street View…”

    It should be “their,” not “there.”

    If you’re going to write something about what schoolchildren should be doing, then wouldn’t it be smart to do the proofreading required of any student on a paper he or she turns in?

  2. Thanks for making the corrections, Dustin.

    SurferGurl – I agree with you. I’m not all that smart. Apparently neither is my spell-checker. It won’t even proofread for me! 🙂

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