What’s Up with the Helicopters?

No, it’s not Google gathering more information and it’s not Ben Bernanke making money drops.  Starting today, The Department of Homeland Security is funding a study to determine current radiation levels in King and Pierce County. Helicopters will be flying a low levels in neighborhoods from now until July 28, 2011 to create a “baseline” measurement.

From the Office of Radiation’s website:

The helicopter will fly a grid pattern spaced about 600 feet apart at an altitude of 300 feet, flying at 70 mph. The results will be provided to local agencies from the surveyed area by year-end. Some of the data may be withheld for national security purposes. The state Department of Health has been planning this project since 2009.

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4 thoughts on “What’s Up with the Helicopters?

  1. Did they hire a Seagull? Seriously, we were driving on the 520 in Redmond today and a very low flying Seagull,or some other white bird (I only saw it briefly before I heard BANG and saw some white feathers flying off the grill of the Jeep) smashed right into the front of the car.

    Beware of “low flying things”. 🙂

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