Which Tattoo Should I get? Pink Pony? Cheerleader?

My daughter, Andrea Revenant of 3rd Street Tattoo in Hermosa Beach CA, is having their Grand Opening Party today. The Federal Appeals Court has ruled that Tattoo’s are protected under Free Speech and that has opened the door for her to work in her current “hometown” of Hermosa Beach. I’m very happy about that.

Andrea Revenant

Andrea will “design” the final tattoo, so we’re only looking for general ideas here. I have NO tattoos, but when your daughter is an “artist” you should wear her “art work”. Or so I say. 🙂

#1 PINK PONY of Seattle Bubble plus Rainbow.

pink pony

#2 Cheerleader (aka Real Estate Broker)


#3 AskARDELL.com


I may add more before I fly down to L.A., and I will get Andrea’s input and she may send some sketches to replace the ones above before then.

But what say you? Have a favorite or a new suggestion?

Where will the Tattoo be? In a place that is visible but also in the least painful place to get one. Not sure about the pain factor. Will be getting some input on that as well.

As always, your help appreciated.

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8 thoughts on “Which Tattoo Should I get? Pink Pony? Cheerleader?

  1. People are mostly answering this on facebook. I have one vote for the cheerleader riding the pink pony. That was cute. I had one for a blue pony with a red cape and a sad lawyer standing in the background. LOL!

    • Thanks! I think my daughter will likely design one of her own so we con’t get into “copyright infringement” issues. It will be hard to get it off if it’s deemed to be a violation of copyright law. 🙂 “a pink pony” vs “the pink pony” 🙂 Though I do like the idea of a blue one with a red cape.

      Will be in L.A. around November 10th…should be coming back a week later…with the pony.

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