What Seattle-area real estate professionals would you like to see blogging?

Life is beautiful!First-things-first: Wow! Life is Beautiful!

It’s been wonderful to take a few weeks off from blogging and I’m so glad that Galen, Robbie, Marian, and Ardell picked up the slack and continued to post very interesting articles! Thanks to all of you!

With that said, I’m definitely looking forward to writing again and I have a whole bunch of ideas for Rain City Guide that I’m planning on implementing in the near future! The most obvious improvement that you’re likely to see is that even more real estate professionals have signed on to post articles! I have a vision for building Rain City Guide into the best resource for real estate information in Seattle and I plan to do that by seeking out a diverse group of real estate professionals with excellent writing skills!

With that in mind, what Seattle-area real estate professionals would you like to see blogging?

Some of the people high on my list include:

  • Rich Barton of Zillow . It definitely would draw some much needed press to this attention deprived start-up!
  • Marlow Harris of SeattleDreamHomes. She’s web-savvy and the oddball type stuff on her site would make for some great blogging. (Whoops! just before posting I noticed that Marlow has had a blog since October 2004, six months before Rain City Guide! I guess this only goes to show that unless you embrace the blogosphere by linking to other posts, you’re likely to hide away in obscurity!)
  • Elizabeth Rhodes of the Seattle Times. I’m thinking a few blogging posts would loosen up her style a bit and we might get interesting real estate reporting along the lines of what John Cook does for venture capital reporting on his Venture Blog.
  • Tom Holst of SeattleModern. Some might argue that Tom already has a blog with his weekly redesign of his site, but the site is missing some key ingredients that make for good blogging (and easy reading), such as comments, RSS feeds, link-friendly URLs. Because he changes the URL of his pages every week, I can’t link to any of his articles because they will quickly be out of date! With all that said, once I make my way through the ever-changing layout of his site, I find Tom’s writing and photos to be very interesting and top-notch… Hence, the reason I wish he was blogging!

Of course, I realize that some of these people are not yet ready to post on Rain City Guide, but it is fun to imagine the possiblities…

Who makes your list?

8 thoughts on “What Seattle-area real estate professionals would you like to see blogging?

  1. I like Galen’s pictures!!

    How about some recipes from some of Seattle’s most famous restaurants! I could give you my Italian Grandmother’s recipe for our famous soup, as shown on the Sopranos. But then I’d have to kill you.

    Welcome Back!


  2. Thanks for the kind words about my website. I have promoted that quite a bit, but kept my blog low-key, as it’s just as likely to have an article about Elvis on it, as Seattle real estate.

    But I’ve taken your advice, begun “commenting” on other folks blogs, and added Rain City Guide to my (new) list of links.

    Keep up the good work. And congratulations on the birth of your child. What a beautiful baby! You must be so proud. Babies are truly a blessing.

  3. Marlow,

    The baby is definitely a blessing and I’m enjoying every minute I get with him!

    And thanks for the link! I’ve added a link back to you and I’ve added your blog to my blog reader so that I can be sure to get updates!

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