Trulia Lands in New York

I just got an email announcing that Trulia launched in New York!

Congratulations Pete and Sami! I know that was pretty high on your list of ToDo items!

Are you wondering what Trulia is?

I wrote a post on their service when they launched in California. In general, they have one of the nicest interfaces around for real estate search. If someone is looking for inspiration on how to build a tight real estate search that is focused on providing a maximum of useful information to buyers, they they need to look no farther than Trulia to see how it can be done.

Trulia Launches New York

So is there anything wrong with Trulia? I only have two qualms about their service. One, they launched in New York before Seattle! šŸ™‚ and two, they don’t have a comprehensive database of homes (The California agents I’ve talked to have all mentioned that Trulia does not include a lot of homes that are available and did include a lot of homes that had already been sold.)

With those two caveats in place, it is my opinion that they have one of the most interesting real estate search tools available!


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  1. Exciting to see the innovation going on right now between real estate and aerial mapping. I know you’ve commented before on, but I love the way this site integrates home listings and neighborhood information together in one site. I have friends that swear by it, and literally have narrowed out certain homes from their consideration because they didn’t have the right neighborhood qualities around them. Plus it’s so much fun to play with a site that has home listings and recently-solds all on an aerial photograph of the neighborhood!

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