Blogging at Ed.Con 2006

Yesterday, Russ Cofano and I gave another blogging seminar, this time in Seattle as part of Ed.con 2006 put on by the Washington Realtor Association.

[photopress:elvis_and_liberace.jpg,full,alignright]I thought the day went over really well and considering it was the first seminar we’d given to the “home town

18 thoughts on “Blogging at Ed.Con 2006

  1. I’m so glad I was able to attend the blogging seminar yesterday. It was well-presented, cogent, and full of interesting information. And it was good to see the big brains behind the blogs in action! Oh, and I got a couple of clock hours too. That was a great idea to get the course certified. Thanks for putting that together.

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  3. What a great con-ed opportunity for Washington Realtors. Would have loved to hear it.

    How about a Michigan tour? Unfortunately, I think you might be met by a lot of “blog? what is a blog?” questions here. I’ve tried to get most of my office to use ActiveRain, and only one other agent actually ‘get’s it.’

  4. I also attended Dustin and Russ’ blog class– nice job, gentlemen. I am inspired. But I’m writing here off-topic in case no one has called attention to this wonderful article by Blanche Evans in the 8/31 Realty Times about getting “Zillowed.” Forgive me if this has been commented on before, but one of my agents just sent it to me today, and I’m a new reader of this site. Check it out:

  5. Dustin and Russ…Thanks for putting on an awesome seminar about Blogs at this year’s Washington Association of Realtors Convention. I thoroughly enjoyed all the useful information you provided us in attendance. I really hope you two are invited back in the coming years because most people would find it very informative.

    What really grabbed my attention was the difference between our traditional real estate web sites, that are more static in nature vs. the Blog sites that are Dynamic. That alone convinced me I had to go to the next step and start a blog for my business. To me a Dynamic site is one of the key issues with search engines like Google, MSN & Yahoo.

    When I got back last weekend…I took one of my domain names and started my own real estate blog for the Bellingham, WA area. Thanks for inspiring me and providing the tools I needed to get going on this project.

  6. Maureen,

    While I’d love to have a national tour (or would I?), we have no plans for any events outside the west coast. That may change in the future, but both Russ and I are pretty swamped with existing engagements (i.e. work!). 🙂

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